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Beginner piano songs to work on…

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A lot of people are gaining interest in playing the piano. Actually you will find that in many homes there is a piano. As a beginner, one must look for some beginner piano songs that are easy for him or her to play at home and on her own without facing any difficulties.  There are many beginners who are found in piano classes as compared to any other musical class, this is because playing piano has become popular. Much as a beginner might want to look for easy songs to play, the piano teacher must also be aware of the simple songs that can be played by a beginner.

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You should not start by playing very difficult songs as a beginner, start playing some of your favorite songs that you enjoy and you will build from there. So to get started as a beginner, below are some easy pop songs that can be best beginner piano songs.

  1. All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

This pop song is a fun and chart topping song. This song’s chords are A – Ben – E – A. Each of chord of this song is usually played for two bars while eight bars is for the entire progression. Good news for you as a beginner is that this particular progression is usually repeated without stopping for the whole song. You can first use your left hand to practice the bassline and then add melody in your right hand. Try to listen the difference that is there when it comes to the melody that is in the verse and the chorus. In the song, that is later, the chords are usually played with eighth notes that are normally constant.

  1. Someone Like You – Adele

This song from one of the album of Adele did manage to top the charts in about 10 countries in the world. Actually one can play a big part of this song which includes the chorus and the verse, through playing four chords on the piano that are repeated. The four chord are; A, E, F#min, D. As you are playing constant arpeggios in your left hand, you can add the melody in your right hand.

  1. Clocks – Coldplay

Among all the other hits from Coldplay, this is one of his biggest hits, that is so recognizable. The fact that it is recognizable makes it be among the most fun pop songs that can be played on the piano. Though it has a few sections that are different to learn, we should just look at its famous side at the moment. The beginner’s right hand usually play the pattern of signature arpeggio, while the left hand usually play chords and it lines up rhythmically with the arpeggios. The chords that are to the chorus and verse are Eb – Bb min – Fin. The chord Eb is normally played for one bar, Ben for two bars, and the then the Fein for one bar. When looking at the chords at the bridge, they are Gb – Db – Ab. These chords of the bridge are usually played with eighth notes that are constant.

  1. Stay With Me – Sam Smith

It is very fortunate that Sam Smith has decided to repeat just three chords that have the same rhythm for the whole song. These chords are Amin, F, C. After you have gotten the three chords in your left hand down, you can add melody in your right hand.

  1. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

From the album called Thriller, this song called Billie Jean is good for you to play on the piano for fun. By focusing on the parts of this song that are a synth, you should play some chords on your right hand. These chords are just three and they include F#min – G#min – A – G#min. On  the other hand, there is a four-note bassline specifically for the left hand to play these chords. Once these chords change to Bb min, there is usually a second bassline. By using the two basslines and the two sections of a chord, you can play be in a position to play the verses and also choruses.

In conclusion, I hope that you will have fun while learning the above easy pop songs as your beginner piano songs to play on the piano. You should keep practicing them because practice makes perfect.