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How to Play Songs on the Piano?

songs to play on the piano

Imagine if you were as good as the person who can easily play it by listening to the song and they simply play it simple.  This person is more of a musical genius and you are just at the beginning of your journey. There is not magic potion as to how they done, but they have mastered their way of knowing if it’s one of the songs to play on the piano. Almost all songs can be played on the piano, but not all would sound great when you play it on piano.

songs to play on the piano

Enhance your skills to know what songs to play on the piano

Sight reading

Sight reading is the idea of reading and playing music. This takes a while to develop and you really won’t be able to tell when you will be able to do this, but it will take a lot of practice. You would need to work on it every day and in a consistent way. You would need to start with the basic and at the bottom. When developing your skill on this you should put much more effort because if you do not, you will never learn it. This is a technical ability and when a person advances, the type of the music they play will become complex through time.

Memorize and understand

There are teachers who would rather ask their students to memorize rather than sight read which can be discussed based on a student’s technical ability. Both are valuable, but you will find it surprising that most great pianists use memorization over sight reading. The theory they have about this is that when you are memorizing you have more space in your mind so you can give more time to musicality. The professional and advanced pianists also use memorization to help their performance. It is not nice to see If you were to watch a piano concert, this is not that good idea and you will see them reading a music sheet while they are performing. Memorization is for aesthetic purposes also because they have figured out long before what songs to play on the piano would be best for the concert.

Playing by ear

A very small group of performers are able to do this because they prefer not to sight or memorize the notes on what they are playing. They have the ability to convert and translate music into their minds and play it on the piano. Those who have this ability are able to translate the music on the keyboard with so much accuracy and they are able to instantly play the complicated passages that classical music has. There are also some who have the ability to recognize the basic progression of the chords and the melody. They’d rather do this that to create again the music on the keyboard properly. They are able to do an improvisation of the approximation and arrangement that the original song has.

More thoughts

When you first put your hands on the keyboard, you will really now know when the transitional phase is from never playing to someone who has become a real piano player. This will seem to be a journey that will never end rather than having a destination. In the world today, only few are able to play a piano piece being on their technical level when they see it in front of them for the first time during a concert. When the performer is a world class pianist, the pieces they are playing have been practiced for months. A pop song would be easier for them to play because it is less complicated.

When people say that they can play piano it does not mean that they are performers, but they say that because they are able to a few songs on the piano. Finding someone who can do sight reading with a very technical song is not easy.

Wherever you fall under, remember that you can always learn how to become a really good piano player and if you think that it is something that you really love, you will easily progress and find the time to practice extensively. It takes heart and soul to become an expert in knowing what songs to play on the piano right away. Practice and you will become better.